Simulation As A Service (SimAAS)
Simulation As A Service (SimAAS)

Bluedrop USA’s facility serves as the SimAAS schoolhouse where helicopter crews and hoist operators can be trained in a safe, operationally relevant environment that will maximize crewmember proficiency. The facility is fully equipped with a classroom, courseware, instructor training, Hoist Mission Training System (HMTS), and Multipurpose Gunnery Mission Trainer (MGMT), both offered in a Virtual Reality /Mixed Reality (VR/MR) environment.

The simulator can be networked to a cockpit simulator to perfect communication and mission-critical skills for pilots and rear crew operators. The Schoolhouse can train up to 200 rear crew students annually, with growth capability for expansion.

This state-of-the-art facility allows Bluedrop USA to grow its Simulation As A Service (SimAAS) business to help train helicopter hoist operators. The learners can perfect communication skills and crew coordination and develop experience with cable management for rear crew operators more efficiently and effectively than in a live aircraft.

The training program can be delivered in various ways:

  • At Bluedrop USA’s facility with our instructors and courseware; or
  • At Bluedrop USA’s facility with the customer’s courseware and instructors; or
  • We can provide the Portable Hoist Mission Training System to the customer’s facility along with instructors and courseware or the customer’s own instructors and courseware.

Bluedop USA’s SimAAS technology streamlines aircraft training, resulting in cost savings, better resource allocation, and timely training for mission readiness.

As part of the SimAAS services, we also offer an Aerial Gunnery course to train rear crew gunners to become proficient in operating the specific firearm or weapon system they will use.

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