Multipurpose Gunnery Mission Trainer
Multipurpose Gunnery Mission Trainer (MGMT)

The MGMT allows the trainee to practice mission-critical skills in a safe, cost-effective, true-to-life environment.

The Multipurpose Gunnery Mission Trainer (MGMT) enables trainees to practice realistic gunnery operations in challenging scenarios, including effectively engaging targets in a non-threatening environment. The system is transportable, easy to set up and tear down, easily reconfigurable with quick and flexible gun relocation, and reversible and repositionable window and door mounts. The rear crew gunner can learn fundamental weapon operation skills in a virtual environment instead of using valuable aircraft flight time and expensive live ammunition. The Multi-Purpose Gunnery uses mixed reality to allow trainees to see real weapons and their own hands.

The MGMT can connect to front-end flight simulators and hoist mission trainers for collective crew training.

The MGMT provides training for the following skills:

  • Reloads
  • Malfunctions
  • Barrel changes
  • Gunnery tables
  • Recurrency
  • Wind load
  • Ballistic models
  • Night Vision (NVG)

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