Special Mission Aviator Ramp Trainer (SMART)
V-22 Special Mission Aviator Ramp Trainer (SMART)

Fully immersive virtual training device for mission-specific rear-crew training.

Bluedrop USA’s Special Mission Aviator Ramp Trainer (SMART) represents a groundbreaking leap in training technology, offering a highly immersive virtual and mixed reality environment for V-22 tiltrotor rear crew members to hone their team communication skills during mission training. With meticulously crafted geo-typical terrains, real-time rendering of detailed visual cues, and true-to-life representations of sea conditions and wind patterns across grassy fields and sandy shores, users will find themselves completely immersed in this virtual world.

The SMART device elevates the readiness levels of tiltrotor crews, presenting a spectrum of environmental scenarios that can be tailored to replicate any time of day or night. This cutting-edge platform comprehensively prepares trainees for all facets of rear-crew tasks and skill sets, encompassing various procedures such as fast roping, hoisting operations, defensive maneuvers, search and rescue (SAR) and survival hoisting. The simulation spans training across a diverse range of terrains, including maritime, coastal, cliffside, and densely wooded areas, ensuring that trainees are well-prepared for any operational context.

The SMART seamlessly blends physical and virtual worlds and provides the capabilities to:

  • Navigate and interact in spatially complex operational environments
  • Train for dangerous malfunctions and emergencies in a safe environment
  • Improve crew communication
  • Renew or implement crew resource management skills
  • Enhanced training for readiness at reduced operational costs
  • Safe simulation of environmental conditions without introducing operational risks
  • Record and capture examples of the lesson for detailed debriefs
  • Optimize learning management
  • Improve user performance in tasks such as spatial understanding, memorization and training using virtual reality technology