Rear Crew Mission Trainer
Rear Crew Mission Trainer (RCMT)

Fully immersive virtual training device for mission-specific rear-crew training.


The Rear Crew Mission Trainer (RCMT) enhances helicopter crew readiness by providing diverse environmental scenarios and customizable training options for all rear-crew tasks and skill sets.

Trainees can work with various procedures such as fast roping, hoist and defense operations, virtual replenishment and search and rescue (SAR). The simulation covers training in all terrain types, including sea, coast, cliff face and heavily wooded areas.

Key Training Outcome: Multi-user interactive crew development across multiple mission capabilities, including door/ramp aerial gunnery, dynamic hoist/winch operation, and sling load management in operational and emergency scenarios.

The RCMT provides crews with the ability to practice:

  • Crew communication
  • Weapon handling
  • Prioritization
  • Rescue hoisting
  • External load operations and conning
  • Configurable to any fuselage type
  • Basic and advanced training for all levels of crew readiness

The RCMT can connect to front-end flight simulators for collective crew training.

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