Mission Anti-Rollover Gunnery Simulator (MAGS)
Mission Anti-Rollover Gunnery Simulator (MAGS)

Fully immersive virtual training device for mission-specific armored vehicle crew training.


The Mission Anti-Rollover Gunnery Simulator (MAGS) offers individual through collective training for armored vehicle crew members.

The simulator features training agility for procedure-based weaponry operation, advanced ballistics modeling, mission rehearsal and interconnected multi-vehicle command gunnery operations.

The MAGS is a vehicle-based immersive mission trainer on a 6DOF motion platform for anti-rollover and gunnery mission training. Used primarily for immersed crew and crew/patrol commander training, this device can include driver training and collective training amongst multiple networked simulation devices for a complete battlefield mission experience. The simulator can be adapted to any vehicle with 3-4 crew members.

The MAGS provides armored vehicle crew members with:

  • Complex crew communication and decision-making in a mission context
  • Advanced ballistics modeling and weapons malfunctions
  • Roll-over training, learn to fight the vehicle to its limits
  • Independent or networked operation
  • Second virtual vehicle operated by IOS for patrol-level training

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