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At Bluedrop USA, we understand the demands of operating in high-risk environments. That's why we specialize in training and simulation, equipping our clients with the essential tools for continuous learning and development. Our mission is to prepare your team for real-world operations by providing them with fully immersive environments to learn safely and cost-effectively. From highly interactive courseware to state-of-the-art extended reality training, our solutions elevate your organization's capabilities. Additionally, our top-notch training services, simulation products, and comprehensive contractor logistics support guarantee a seamless training experience that maximizes performance.


Hoist Mission Training System (HMTS)

Enhance your hoist operation skills with our fully immersive virtual simulator.


Learninglogics ®

Foster continuous learning and development with our innovative training development suite, which includes learning management, content management and training document management systems.

Interactive Courseware

Interactive Courseware

Transform the way you teach and learn with our expertly designed courseware.

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