Sling Load Simulator
Sling Load Simulator

Fully immersive virtual training device for mission-specific sling load operations.

The Rear Crew Mission Trainer (RCMT) fuselage structure includes a representative physical utility hatch through which a trainee can practice sling load operations. The physical utility hatch consists of a representative cargo release handle (with trigger) and representations of the handhold and radar altimeter features.  When operating with multiple hook or tandem hook configurations, the supporting trainee at the right-hand door will have the necessary visuals and communications with the other crew to coordinate sling load operations.

The trainee can practice:

  • Visually inspecting the hook before undertaking sling load operations
  • Maneuvering (conning) the helicopter above target loads or landing sites by communicating with the cockpit/IOS
  • Scanning for obstacles
  • Calling for the load to be hooked up by the virtual Helicopter Handling Team (HHT) (triggered by the IOS)
  • Responding to sling load emergencies such as unstable oscillations, snags/tangle hazards, load contact in flight and broken equipment such as slings
  • Opening the forward, aft, and/or center hook(s) to release the load(s)
  • Ejecting the load in the event of an emergency (using the cargo release handle)


Versatile Load Configurations and Customization:

Our simulation platform accommodates a wide array of load configurations, including single, dual, triple and tandem hook-slung-load setups, all finely attuned to respond to the intricacies of flight dynamics and environmental conditions. We offer diverse load models that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. While our physical utility hatch features a true-to-life cargo hook beam, it is visible solely within the virtual environment. Suppose physical interaction plays a pivotal role in achieving your training objectives. In that case, Bluedrop USA is eager to explore the development of such interfaces once we gain a deeper understanding of your specific training needs.

Virtual Helicopter Handling Team (HHT) Engagement:

Our virtual environment meticulously simulates the Helicopter Handling Team (HHT) to convey precise hand and light signals to guide the loadmaster through procedural responses. Our HHT actions integrate with our Instructor Operated System (IOS) to provide a cohesive training experience, as the HHT is non-interactive.

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