Hoist Mission Training System
Portable Hoist Mission Training System

Fully immersive virtual portable training device for mission-specific external load hoisting operations.


The portable HMTS, with a smaller footprint and deployable anywhere and anytime, provides the same functionalities and benefits as the permanent Hoist Mission Training System. This deployable training system provides learners with a safe, true-to-life environment to practice mission-critical skills. Trainees practice rescue and hoisting operations in challenging scenarios with realistic cable behavior that responds to flight dynamics and operator inputs.

Trainees can work with various procedures such as fast roping, hoist and defense operations, virtual replenishment and search and rescue (SAR). The simulation covers training in all terrain types, including sea, coast, cliff face and heavily wooded areas.

Key Training Outcome: Advanced proficiency and readiness in crew-centric mission-relevant contexts that could only be trained by practicing the skills in a safe and cost-effective training environment before performing in a live aircraft.

The HMTS provides aircrews with the ability to practice:

  • Advanced live cable management
  • Crew communication
  • Mission rehearsal
  • Physics of sling loads
  • Seamless integration with a variety of flight training devices
  • Night environmental conditions with simulated Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
  • Configurable to any fuselage type
  • On-the-fly mission changes
  • Basic and advanced training for all levels of crew readiness
  • Hoist malfunctions and emergencies

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The HMTS can connect to front-end flight simulators and gunnery trainers for collective crew training.

Set up in minutes!

Deployable anywhere/anytime

Train for missions, dangerous operations, malfunctions, and emergencies in a fully immersive and safe training environment.