Bluedrop USA offers various services to equip military, homeland security, and civil personnel with the skills, knowledge and capabilities needed for optimal performance in preparation for critical operations.

Our team of experts and instructional designers ensures seamless training progression from classroom to simulator. Comprehensive courseware aligns with learning objectives, while contractor logistics support (CLS) optimizes training systems throughout their lifecycle. Moreover, our Sim As A Service (SimAAS) schoolhouse provides helicopter aircrew training at our or clients’ facilities. This service includes hoist operations and gunnery skills training using mixed reality simulators and classroom instruction.

Simulation As A Service (SimAAS)

A cost-effective option to provide high fidelity simulation rear crew training for tactical and mission scenarios. The SimAAS training approach reinforces learning outcomes so that skills related to situational awareness and crew interaction are delivered as simulator sessions in the Hoist Mission Training System.

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Our team of expert instructional designers possesses the experience and skills required to develop courseware that drives optimal learning outcomes.

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Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)

Designed to optimize the training systems throughout their lifecycle, our integrated logistical support services, assets, and resources ensure unparalleled proficiency.

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