Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)
Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)

Elevating Operational Excellence through Contractor Logistics Support (CLS).

Experience the pinnacle of support with Bluedrop USA’s Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) program. Designed to optimize the training systems throughout their lifecycle, our integrated logistical support services, assets, and resources ensure unparalleled proficiency.

CLS’s scope varies across entities and agreements. Still, at its core, it empowers our clients to access specialized expertise, a diverse talent pool, and adaptable resources without the commitment of permanent hires. Bluedrop USA redefines the paradigm by offering expertise and resources that align with your needs, delivering enhanced flexibility, precision, and oversight compared to traditional arrangements.

Tailoring solutions across the training continuum, Bluedrop USA specializes in crafting personalized CLS offerings. From comprehensive technical documentation to finely tuned performance metrics, our array of CLS services encompasses maintenance and operator training, hardware and software technical support, service level agreements, sparing, and comprehensive maintenance, repair, and overhaul services.

Choose Bluedrop USA for CLS that’s tailored to your demands, driving sustained excellence across every facet of your training systems.

Training for operators, maintainers, instructors, and other support personnel.

Product Support
Product Support, including upgrades, enhancements, and modifications to ensure operational relevance and alignment to training outcomes.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) & Maintenance Contracts
SLAs and Maintenance Contracts to minimize the interruption of training services because of maintenance, sparing and testing.

Performance Metrics
Performance Metrics to monitor, track and analyze training outcomes.

Technical Documentation
Technical documentation management, including maintenance and operations manuals, technical publications, and other reference material.

Spares & Consumables
Spare parts provisioning, including reliability and maintainability analysis, obsolescence management, and inventory optimization.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul
Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MR&O) of all products and devices, including preventive and corrective.

Technical Support
Technical Support for hardware and software.

Program Management
Program Management to provide contractual deliverables on time, budget, and quality.

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