Aerial Gunnery Training
Aerial Gunnery Training

Elevate Your Aerial Gunnery Skills with Bluedrop USA's Training Program.


The aerial gunnery course aims to train rear crew gunners to become proficient in operating the specific weapon system they will use. This one-day course covers all gunnery tables of the M-240B using a mixed-reality training system that offers complete immersion in the virtual training environment with real-life features for initial and recurrent training.

This perishable skill is one of the most expensive helicopter skills due to the cost of ammunition. The rear crew gunner will learn fundamental skills such as understanding the weapon’s functionality, immediate and remedial actions, loading and unloading procedures and firing techniques.

We currently offer the training capability for the M-240B weapon system, but other weapon systems can be designed based on client requirements.

Duration: 1 day

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