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H-60 Rear Crew Hoist Training

Bluedrop USA conducted hoist operations in various environments during the training event. These environments included open water confined areas and static and underway vessels. The event culminated in a simulation of a real-world scenario in heavy seas, wind and night. This scenario tested the crew’s coordination and skill in a safe environment. Additionally, Bluedrop USA […]

Sailor 2025 Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) FY21

Bluedrop USA assists Cubic in the design, development, testing and delivery of products for the FY 21 Ready Relevant Learning/S2025 program. We specifically focus on designing, developing, integrating, testing, delivering and installing the MMSC Course Conversion Courseware. The work includes Instructional Design, Graphic Art and Subject Matter Expertise.

AFSOC Special Mission Aviator Rear Crew Trainer (SMART)

Bluedrop USA developed, delivered and installed a CV-22 SMART Simulator supporting Boeing in Fort Walton Beach, FL. This SMART Simulator covers a variety of rear-crew training, including ramp operations, weapons operations, hoist operations, passenger management, communications, situational awareness, malfunctions and emergency actions.

Combat Rescue Helicopter (CRH) HH-60W Virtual Hoist Trainer

Bluedrop USA developed, delivered and installed an HH-60W CRH Crew Simulator to Kirtland Air Force Base supporting Logistic Services International (LSI). Additionally, the Delaware Resource Group (DRG) simulator operators were trained to operate and instruct on the Bluedrop USA simulator. This simulator covered crew and hoist operations.