Bluedrop USA announces the official opening of its headquarters in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida, April 11, 2023 – Bluedrop USA, a training and simulation company in the defense market, is today celebrating the inauguration of its headquarters in Orlando, Florida. The company provides products and services for advanced training solutions, including highly interactive courseware; state-of-the-art virtual, augmented, and mixed reality training; technical publications; learning content and learning management systems; simulation products; and in-service support.

This new facility is home to our U.S. employees, including the executive team, engineers, courseware developers, learning solution experts and support staff.

Bluedrop USA is a subsidiary of Bluedrop Training & Simulation Inc., an established Canadian defense and security training company. Bluedrop USA aims to deliver training solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense and Allied nations, defense and security customers, and civil organizations.

“We are excited about the prospect of investing in the local economy by offering highly skilled job opportunities and expanding Bluedrop operations into the U.S. market,” said Dr. Brett Ulander, President at Bluedrop USA. “As a small business with established partnerships, we are fully capable of delivering innovative training solutions to defense and security customers by continuously investing in R&D.”

The facility also serves as Bluedrop Simulation As A Service (SimAAS) Schoolhouse to train helicopter crews and hoist operators in a safe, operationally relevant environment that will maximize crewmember proficiency. The facility is fully equipped for classroom, instructor training and Hoist simulation training in a mixed-reality environment. The simulator can be networked to a cockpit simulator to perfect communication and mission-critical skills for pilots and rear crew operators. The Schoolhouse can train up to 200 rear crew trainees annually, with growth capability for future expansion.

Ulander said, “This new state-of-the-art facility will allow us to grow our Simulation As A Service (SimAAS) business to help train helicopter hoist operators. The learners can perfect communication skills and crew coordination and develop experience with cable management for rear crew operators more efficiently and effectively than in a live aircraft.”

About Bluedrop USA

Bluedrop USA is a small business with a home base in Orlando, Florida. Bluedrop provides products and services for advanced training solutions, including highly interactive courseware, state-of-the-art virtual, augmented and mixed reality training, technical publications, simulation products and in-service-support. Bluedrop is your partner of choice by bringing capabilities in R&D and innovative solution development.

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Dr. Brett Ulander, President, Bluedrop USA

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