In-Service Support

Bluedrop’s In-Service Support provides clients with optimized support services to ensure positive through-life operator experiences and training efficiency for client success.

Bluedrop is focused on providing clients with customized support services for the full range of products on the training continuum.

From Technical Documentation to Performance Metrics, Bluedrop’s In-Service Support can include any combination of Maintenance and/or Operator Training, Hardware and Software Technical Support, Service Level Agreements, Sparing, and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul services.

Management of technical documentation including maintenance and operations manuals, technical publications, and other reference material

Spare parts provisioning including reliability and maintainability analysis, obsolescence management, and inventory optimization

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MR&O) of all products and devices including preventive and corrective

Technical Support for hardware and software

Training for operators, maintainers, instructors, and other support personnel

Product Support including upgrades, enhancements, and modifications to ensure operational relevance and alignment to training outcomes

Service Level Agreements and Maintenance Contracts to minimize the interruption of training services as a result of maintenance, sparing and/or testing

Performance Metrics to monitor, track and analyze training outcomes

Program Management to provide contractual deliverables on time, on budget, on quality